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Those last few kilos can be stubborn when you are trying everything to lose weight and it just doesn’t seem to be happening Rapid Shred may be the product for you.

Rapid Shred was formulated with the highest quality patented ingredients to suppress appetite and enhance energy. When you are feeling flat, exhausted and sleep deprived it’s hard enough to get through your day let alone stick to an eating plan and exercise regime, Rapid Shred can help by giving you the energy to stay focused and take your workout to new levels. Rapid Shred is best consumed in 200-300mL of water on empty stomach 30 minutes before exercise. Rapid Shred is available in 4 delicious flavours and there are 60 servings per container.

L-Carnitine: This increases the bodies ability to supply the working muscle with oxygen and energy.

Dynamine™: One of the hottest new patented ingredients to hit the market. Dynamine™ increases energy, focus and mood, all without increasing heart rate or blood pressure.

L-Taurine: Promotes mental focus and endurance.

L-Tyrosine: An amino acid that helps to increase mental focus and concentration.

L-Theanine: An amino acid that is abundant in green tea, it’s known to enhance mental focus due to its unique ability to cross the blood-brain barrier and works with caffeine to promote concentration producing a state of “alert calmness”.

Caffeine Anhydrous: May increase energy levels, boost focus and elevate calorie expenditure especially during exercise.

Teacrine®: Is a patent pending compound which may increase energy, focus, mental clarity, improved motivation and mood, all with no crash to deliver a smooth lift in energy to break through training plateaus and reduce fatigue.

Astragin: Astragin enhances absorption of nutrients so much it has been shown to increase amino acid uptake by up to 67%. It has other benefits as well including Gut health, Immune support and increasing protein synthesis.

NeuroFactor: Is a patented extract which has been shown to significantly increase levels of a powerful protein in the brain called Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF). The physical effects of increased BDNF include memory support, improved learning capabilities and increased cognitive function.


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